• 12/05/2020

What Is a Golden Anniversary? Prepare the Ultimate Celebration

What Is a Golden Anniversary

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It’s always exciting to anticipate an upcoming romantic anniversary. Whether you’ll celebrate a wedding or the beginning of a beautiful partnership, reaching specific milestones means having a party theme built into the date. Check out everything you need to know about golden anniversaries to plan the ultimate party for yourself or someone you love.

What Is a Golden Anniversary?

Tradition says that when a couple reaches their 50th anniversary, it’s officially their golden anniversary. However, that term didn’t always apply to significant dates. The first person to celebrate a golden anniversary was King George III in 1809 when he acknowledged his 50 years on the throne by feasting and giving money to the poor.

British monarchs still celebrate the type of anniversary, but now everyone marks the same tradition for their romantic relationships. Sometimes it applies to wedding dates, but it can also apply to the date when a relationship began if a couple prefers not to get married.

A banner reading "happy anniversary" hangs over tables outside.

Ways to Celebrate Your Big Day

There are many ways to celebrate the achievement of spending 50 years with the love of your life. See if any of these ideas would be perfect for yourself or the loved ones close to reaching the significant milestone.

1. Take a Vacation

Get out of town for your upcoming anniversary. The secret trip will add a romantic shimmer to everything you do while away from home. You could go on a cruise together, relax on a beach or learn how to ski while spending time at a winter resort. 

2. Host Your Favorite People

Your loved ones will likely want to celebrate with you, so consider hosting a party. It could be for yourself and your partner or a couple you love. Everyone can hang out, listen to great music and play a few board games through the night. Don’t forget to order a celebratory cake — possibly made to recreate your wedding cake from all those years ago.

3. Schedule an Early Dinner

Sometimes couples want to spend their golden anniversary alone, but worry about making their loved ones feel rejected or unwanted. If that’s the case, plan a dinner for the day before. You could eat together while watching your wedding video or a slideshow of pictures from over the years. Everyone will feel included and you’ll have the next day to relax at a spa or do all your favorite activities.

4. Throw a Celebratory Brunch

Hosting or throwing a party that lasts well into the night might sound exhausting. If you’re not a night owl, invite your favorite people out for brunch. You can set up golden decorations on a restaurant table or around your home to make it a party without staying up late.

5. Renew Your Vows

Take this momentous occasion to celebrate your love and renew your vows. You can make it a grand event or say your vows in your backyard. As long as it feels special to you or the couple who reached their golden anniversary, it’ll be the perfect time to revisit your vows.

An older couple holds hands, with a wedding ring visible on the woman's finger.

Who Should You Invite?

You can invite anyone you like to your golden anniversary. Think about including your immediate family, those who were at your wedding, anyone who helped your relationship thrive and all your other favorite people. Those who want the best for you will make the best party guests.

Enjoy Your Golden Anniversary

As the upcoming golden anniversary approaches, think about what you can do to celebrate your relationship or that of a loved one. It’s a significant milestone that deserves recognition. Do something special to mark the occasion and surround yourself with love.

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