• 02/07/2024

Unforgettable Fun: Birthday Ideas for Adults That Will Make the Greatest Memories


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Birthday parties aren’t just for kids. Adults should get to have fun with their loved ones too. Do something different this year than just going out for dinner or drinks. Schedule a few of these fun birthday ideas for adults and you’ll make incredible memories together.

1. Solve a Murder Mystery

Your friend group might be the one always talking about the latest true crime podcast or Dateline episodes. If you love a good mystery, like 34% of Americans, host a murder mystery birthday. Party box subscription sites sell mystery boxes perfect for group settings. You might even like them enough to get a monthly subscription as an extra birthday treat.

Depending on the box you choose, you could spend more than an hour or two solving the fictional crime puzzle with your friends. The boxes often come with things like witness statements, physical objects and forensic files for your examination. Whoever solves the puzzle first can win a prize! Goodie bags are a classic reward, although you could go all out with a gift card too.

2. Wear Costumes Together

Who says costumes have to wait until Halloween? Pick a decade and make your birthday a costume party. You could recreate the 90s with tube tops, glittery jelly shoes and low-rise jeans. Blast some 90s hits and serve everyone food from your chosen decade to make your party an incredible night.

Maybe your friend group bonds over a specific sports team, book or movie series. If you don’t want to choose a decade, everyone can dress up as the thing you all love. Don’t forget to look up playlists inspired by your theme to set the mood for your next birthday party.

3. Compete in a Video Game Tournament

Anyone who loves playing video games can invite their friends over for a tournament. Play a few of your favorites or the latest game you’re all dying to try. You could compete in rounds with prizes for the winners. It’s an excellent idea for anyone who feels uncomfortable being the only one opening gifts.

This is another opportunity for costumes too! Dress up like the characters in the games you’ll play to see who can look most like their favorite character. Themed decor or matching colorful streamers will create a festive mood around your home as well. Search for decor online or at party stores in the weeks or days leading up to your birthday.

4. Rent a Pool Together

Pool parties are a classic way for kids to celebrate their birthdays. If you’ve ever gone to a community pool with pizza and cupcakes in each arm, you know how much fun it was to splash around with your favorite people.

If you don’t have a community or private pool, compare rental prices online. Sites and apps now offer pool rentals by the hour on private lots for parties. See if any luxury pools are available for your birthday to celebrate in style.

Everyone could lounge on birthday-inspired floats while music plays from a portable speaker. Pickup pre-made charcuterie boards or order delivery to keep the party going without stepping into a kitchen. Water, sodas and other beverages of your choosing are also a must. Staying hydrated and lathered in sunscreen while you’re outside is essential.

Does your birthday occur when it’s cold outside? Consider traveling to a budget-friendly getaway and staying at a rental place with a pool. Everyone can split the cost so staying in a larger, fancier place is super affordable.

5. Play Board Games With a Potluck

Board games are always an excuse to party with your favorite people. Invite a small group over and ask everyone to bring their favorite game. You could also get one or two new games for a larger group. Whether they have boards and dice or exist on a virtual platform, you’ll have so much fun on your birthday.

The most fun birthday ideas for adults involve little to no responsibilities. Remove the pressure of cooking a big meal by asking your attendees to bring an entree, side or dessert. A potluck means you don’t have to cook and everyone takes their dirty dishes home. It’s a win-win after a long day with your usual responsibilities.

6. Invite Your Friends to a Sleepover

Kids have sleepovers centered around pizza, crafts and the latest movies. Adults can enjoy the same things with the added bonus of cocktails, fancier food and no bedtime rules. Ask your loved ones to come hang out for the night. If they each bring a sleeping bag or an air mattress, you’ll all stay comfortable while making new memories.

Adults can also level up their sleepovers by pitching in for a one-night rental place. Find a creative venue like a treehouse or houseboat to make your birthday even more memorable.

7. Create an Indoor Garden Together

Do you and your friends curate Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds full of gardening tips? Make your plant-based passion the center of your birthday this year. You could finally start an indoor garden by inviting everyone over to create homes for seeds or young plants.

Each potted plant could be the gift your friends give you. Ask for low-maintenance options like snake plants, which only need weekly or bi-weekly watering when their soil gets dry. It depends on how easily you can care for your plants and your current gardening skills.

You could also send them home with their newly planted creations and keep a pot decorated with their painted birthday wishes for you. It depends on how many plants you already have and what you would love most in your home.

8. Dress Up Together

Grown-ups can play dress-up too! Invite your favorite people over with one instruction—bring whatever clothes they have in the back of their closets. You’ll end up with a pile of fancy or funny clothes to swap and wear for the day.

Your old wedding gown or seasonal suit will finally get a chance to shine again. Old Halloween costumes are another fantastic way to play dress up as an adult. Complete your outfits with funny masks, hats or over-the-top makeup. You’ll have a fantastic time alongside a good meal with your guests.

Enjoy These Fun Birthday Ideas for Adults

Spread a few of these fun birthday ideas for adults throughout your next decade of birthday plans. You’ll have so much fun with your friends and family. No matter your interests, you’ll do interesting and captivating things to celebrate each of your trips around the sun.

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