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50 Crown Chakra Affirmations to Aid Your Spiritual Awakening

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Embracing your chakras is useful to embrace your spiritual side. Here are 50 crown chakra affirmations to aid your spiritual journey. 

What is Your Crown Chakra?

Your crown chakra is the seventh chakra and influences your endocrine system – including your pineal gland that influences your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels. The pineal gland also connects to spiritual experiences and can help you achieve a higher level of consciousness. It helps you find your true self and improve your compassion, gratitude and acceptance towards others. 

A balanced crown chakra can provide mental stability, better sleep, more energy and improved heart health. You could also experience a clearer mind, a better sense of purpose and improved intuition. 

An energy blockage in your crown chakra can present in many ways. If you have one, you could feel unbalanced, be unable to sleep, feel anxious or stressed, dissociate, experience psychosis or emotionally close off from others. 

Another name for the crown chakra is the Sahasrara chakra. In Sanskrit, the word “Sahasrara” means “thousands” and comes from the lotus flower with its thousand petals. Each petal represents a different part of your being like your thoughts or emotions. When all of the petals open, it represents complete balance. 

Crown Chakra Affirmations to Aid Your Spiritual Awakening 

Affirmations are declarations you make to assure yourself of what’s true and help yourself become who you want to be. They are positive thoughts that can elicit confidence and help you stay in good spirits. The right affirmation can also help you connect to your chakras. 

Here are 50 that support your crown chakra. 

1. I am worthy of unconditional love.

You are as worthy of love from physical and spiritual beings as all beings are entitled to it. 

2. I know deep inner peace.

Your inner peace is always with you. You just have to open yourself to it. 

3. I release my doubt and welcome in faith.

Freeing yourself from burdens and trusting the universe is vital to a happy and healthy life. 

4. Everything connects. 

No one exists alone. Everything connects through a spiritual power. 

5. I honor the sacred power that exists within me.

You have sacred worth and power within that you can rely on as you navigate the physical world. 

6. I am divinely and lovingly guided.

The universe will guide you on the right path. 

7. I bravely let go and allow the Universe to reveal its beautiful plan for me.

Trusting the universe opens you up to your true purpose. 

8. I accept and receive holy energy.

You can open yourself to the sacred energy around you. 

9. The universe loves and cherishes me. 

The universe created you with purpose and the universe loves that you’re a part of it.  

10. My creativity, health, abundance, happiness, and love is limitless.

You have the capacity to live a wonderful life inside you. All you have to do is unlock it. 

11. I release the need to control my life.

You are not in control of everything that shapes your life. 

12. I surrender to a higher power.

When you give yourself to a higher purpose, you can free yourself from trivial burdens. 

13. I am divine.

You are a creation both worthy and powerful.

14. I live in the now.

Mindfulness and focusing on what you’re experiencing now can help you find peace. 

15. I am my most authentic self.

Releasing the judgments of others frees you to be who you’re meant to be. 

16. I am in harmony with animals and nature.

You connect with other spiritual life forms in the universe. 

17. I am on the perfect path for my life.

You can trust that your life is heading in the right direction. 

18. I am more enlightened each day.

Every day offers an opportunity to learn and grow by taking in its experiences. 

19. I enjoy the little things.

Don’t miss out on the small signs that the universe is amazing. 

20. My soul chose this life experience to expand and grow.

You have a greater purpose and being than you understand. Your life experience will be useful in the future. 

21. My life is beautiful.

Everyone has a story designed by the universe. 

22. My life is sacred.

All creation is sacred and you have a unique, beautiful existence. 

23. I am learning from my experiences.

You are making progress towards being your best self. 

24. I’m learning to release my attachments.

Worldly emotional connections become useless without a higher spiritual purpose. 

25. My happiness comes from the inside.

You have joy inside of you that you are capable of accessing. 

26. I have unshakeable faith in my path.

You are strongly rooted in the universe and can trust the path it takes you on. 

27. My power is in the now.

Don’t wait to do what you know is right. The power lies within you. 

28. A natural result of my appreciation for life is abundance.

You get what you give to the universe. By showing gratitude, you see all the things provided to you. 

29. My gratitude is a gift that brings fulfillment. 

By showing gratitude, you can set off ripples of positivity and love. 

30. I have unlimited possibilities.

You are capable of achieving amazing feats. 

31. I remove all limited beliefs.

Your abilities limitless, just like the universe.

32. I love myself.

You are incredible. Loving yourself helps you truly love your life and other beings. 

33. I accept myself as I am. 

No one is perfect but you are unique for a reason. 

34. I am aligned with the highest vibrational love frequency.

The universe’s love surrounds you. You just have to tap into it. 

35. I’m aligned with my true purpose. 

Each day, you can make the right choices to align with your path. 

36. I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose. 

You are on the right track and just need to keep going to achieve your purpose. 

37. I am loved by the universe. 

The universe loves you unconditionally, so you don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Just do your best. 

38. The universe gently holds and guides me.

Even when you fall, the universe will support you. 

39. I am connected to all things. 

Don’t fear the unknown. You already share a tether to all living things. 

40. Separation is an illusion. 

No matter how far you are from loved ones, your spirits are never apart. 

41. My crown chakra is open. 

Your crown chakra is always open for your use. 

42. My crown chakra is in perfect balance. 

Don’t stress about your chakra’s balance. You can control it. 

43. People are doing the best they can with their level of spiritual awareness. 

Don’t blame others who aren’t as spirituality aware as you. Don’t fault yourself for needing to improve your own. Everyone is doing their best and you can improve your spiritual awareness. 

44. Prosperity flows through me. 

You have the power to accept the prosperity available to you. 

45. I’m aligned with my true self. 

Even if you’re not where you want to be, you can still get on the right path. 

46. I am capable of anything. 

There are greater things than this world. With the universe, you can achieve your goals. 

47. I receive divine energy through my chakras. 

The universe will help you on your journey. 

48. I respect the intentions of others. 

You cannot control what others do and agonizing on their choices inhibits your ability to move forward.

49. I’m open to new energy. 

You can accept energy from others.

50. I respect the emotions of others. 

Everyone has strong feelings and you can respect and love them through their emotion. 

When you meditate, you can recite mantras to connect to your affirmations. Common ones for the crown chakra are “om” or “aum.” Repeat it as you think or say them to ingrain them into your mind. Many believe these sounds are the sounds of the universe and they can help you connect to a higher spiritual plane. 

Aiding Your Spiritual Awakening with Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to build confidence in your spiritual connections. When you stumble in your spiritual awakening, these reminders are powerful tools in staying on your intended path.

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