• 11/19/2021

12 Friendsgiving Food Ideas for the Ultimate Feast in 2022


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Friendsgiving is one of the best joys of the season — it’s basically all of the good things about Thanksgiving, friendship and the holidays, all rolled into one. Whether your Friendsgiving celebration is your main event this year or you have a few gatherings on the roster, there are so many options for making this feast the very best for you and your pals. You can host a chill hang for a few people or a big bash — and make it delicious either way! Here are the best Friendsgiving food ideas to make in 2022.

1. Butter Board

One of the hottest food trends right now, a butter board is perfect for Friendsgiving dinner. You simply spread butter on a cutting board, add any topics you’d like, and then have some bread, crackers and other finger foods to dip. We expect this will be one of the most popular Friendsgiving food ideas this year.

2. Corn on the Cob

Corn has made a comeback this year. Not that it ever went out of style, but the famous corn song gave us all a new appreciation for it. Corn on the cob can be served in many ways. You can even make your own toppings bar so your guests can choose how they want to enjoy this sweet vegetable.

3. Alcohol

Okay, so this one isn’t food. But what’s a Friendsgiving celebration without a little alcohol? Whether you set it up like a boozy brunch with a few mimosas or you get cozy with the perfect autumnal sangria, you can get a little tipsy with all your friends and have the time of your lives before returning to the outside world of holiday madness.

4. Slow Cooker Turkey

If you want turkey at your Friendsgiving bash, slow cooking is the best way to do it. Whether you do a full turkey or you do a marinated turkey breast, tossing it in the slow cooker and letting it do its thing will be much easier than all of the classic turkey prep. 

5. Chicken — or Veggie — Pot Pie

However, if you want to save the turkey for your family gathering or if you simply want to go for a veggie option, a pot pie is a great way to still get the feeling of a main, while keeping things as simple as possible. You can make your own or you can find a premade pot pie to get the job done — whichever you choose, it’s sure to be delicious.

6. Macaroni and Cheese

Starting things off with the sides, macaroni and cheese is a classic option that you can put so many twists on, and that’s perfect for Friendsgiving! You can go for vegan macaroni and cheese, pumpkin macaroni or even spicy macaroni! It’s all up to you and what you want to serve up.

7. Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is another super classic option that you can include in your Friendsgiving celebration! While cranberry sauce isn’t for everybody, it’s a sweet and simple option that you can include to dress your table. Whether you like cranberry sauce straight from the can or you’d rather use an old family recipe, cranberry is a great idea for your Friendsgiving table.

8. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

If you love mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes, why not take a fun twist on this classic dish for a flavorful Friendsgiving dish? Sweet potatoes are a fun fall food, and mashing them up can give you a bit of variation on the classic side. Making mashed sweet potatoes can also allow you to combine the mashed potatoes and sweet potato dishes if you want to consolidate some of your cooking — which can be great for smaller gatherings. 

9. Butternut Squash Soup

Soups are a great way to feel warm and cozy with your Friendsgiving celebration. Specifically, making an autumnal butternut squash soup is a great cozy food for an easy, seasonal dish. If you love butternut squash, this is your perfect soup. While you can definitely find pre-made butternut squash soup, you can also find the supplies to make it from scratch with fresh squash. It’s actually quite easy, as you can use a soup mixer, a blender or a food processor for the task!

10. Kale Salad

Of course, you have to add some greens in there somewhere! For Friendsgiving, why not keep things simple with a fresh kale salad? This flavorful vegetable mix is a great way to have a green on your plate without having to slave over yet another dish that takes time and effort.

11. Mint Chocolate Pie

You might be saving pumpkin pie for your family gathering, so why not give a little bit off the beaten path with your dessert at your friendship celebration? This mint chocolate pie is the perfect dish to kick off the winter holiday season while still remaining an awesome dessert to please everybody.

12. Ginger Snaps

Speaking of winter dessert options, ginger snaps perfectly toe the line between winter and fall, making them the perfect option to close out your Friendsgiving feast. Plus, they are smaller and easier than pie, which makes them the perfect light treat to top off a big meal.

The Best Friendsgiving Feast

No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving, it’s always amazing to celebrate with your friends. These Friendsgiving food ideas will make your gathering warm, cozy and delicious. Between great drinks, amazing food and incredible company, you can kick the holidays off right at your Friendsgiving celebration.

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