• 01/29/2021

10 Romantic Quarantine Date Ideas for Every Couple

A couple embraces each other while smiling at the camera, able to spend time together always thanks to quarantine date ideas.

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Staying at home might have been fun initially, but it isn’t easy to keep the romance alive when you and your partner feel stuck inside together. Add a little pandemic stress to the mix and you might wonder how to get back to times filled with laughter and puppy love. These 10 romantic quarantine date ideas will remind you why you fell in love and make it easier to stay patient with being safe at home.

Whether you have a tight budget or a free weekend, talk with your partner about trying a few of these ideas. You might even surprise them with one or two as a sweet gesture to rekindle the love you share.

1. Make an International Dish

Couples used to splurge on cooking classes together, so why not do the same at home? Find an international recipe you’d both enjoy and make it together. Your tastebuds can travel around the world after you bond over sauteing and whisking. Couples who can’t cook could also support a locally-owned restaurant by ordering takeout.

2. Plan a Picnic

Hosting a picnic is another one of the best quarantine date ideas. Pick up or order a few groceries before making the ultimate picnic menu and setting everything out in your yard. Lounge on a comfy blanket in the shade and listen to the birds sing while you catch up on the latest news or drama.

3. Paint Pictures Together

Painting classes are another way people would have fun while trying something new. Order some art supplies and paint together at home. You could hang your artwork on the wall to redecorate your home afterward or even paint pottery for some new home decor. Every time you see the finished products, you’ll remember having a great time during your date.

4. Invest in a Movie Projector

Anyone can get a movie projector online and make your next Friday night date extra special. Project the latest streaming films on an outdoor screen or a big wall in your home. Some connect to the internet and others hook up to laptops with a USB cord. Make sure to add quintessential theater snacks to your date, like popcorn and sodas.

5. Try At-Home Spa Treatments

It’s also romantic to get spa treatments together, but going to a professional poses health risks. Recreate the spa at home and get the pampering you deserve after a life turned upside down by the pandemic. Soak your feet, give each other massages or make face masks to relieve your stress without the spa price tag.

6. Dance It Out

If you used to love going out together, have a dance night as your next date. Mix your favorite drinks and jam out in the living room. You might still miss the raucous vibe of a packed bar, but you won’t have to worry about catching a ride home or listening to songs you don’t like.

7. Start a Garden

Gardening is a great bonding activity because it requires teamwork. After you decide what you’d like to grow, you’ll work together to watch your flowers bloom or vegetables ripen. It’s a long-term commitment that means endless plant-based dates. You’ll both get green thumbs and create a sustainable home while growing your own food or air-cleaning plants.

8. Play Hallway Bowling

Bowling is another classic date idea that might seem impossible without leaving home. As long as you have water bottles and something small, like a tennis ball, you can recreate the bowling alley at home. Keep score to make your date competitive and make snacks like french fries or corndogs to relive the ultimate bowling alley experience.

9. Break Out the Sleeping Bags

Adventurous spirits might enjoy a camping trip in the backyard. Get a few sleeping bags and a tent for an easy midnight excursion. If it’s too cold or you’re not outdoorsy, set everything up inside. It’ll still feel like you’re breaking routine and getting away for a while, especially if you make s’mores in your oven or other campsite food you don’t normally eat.

10. Snuggle While Stargazing

The next time the weather clears up, lay a blanket over the bed of your truck or your driveway. See how many constellations you can both find while snuggling. Add a mug of hot chocolate to the mix while you talk about the universe and catch up about your day. It’s a simple, budget-friendly way to have some privacy and a bit of extra romance.

Try Out Quarantine Date Ideas

You and your partner will reignite your love by trying a few new romantic quarantine date ideas. Experience something outside of your comfort zone, like gardening or camping. Do something simple that fits your schedule by making dinner together. Whatever you decide to do will change things up and make quarantine easier to manage while it lasts.

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