• 03/02/2022

10 Properties of Rose Quartz Crystals


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If you love all things witchy, wonderful and metaphysical, rose quartz crystals are likely right in your wheelhouse. You’ve likely seen and heard of them before — you may even have a rose quartz or two. But do you know all of the properties that rose quartz can bring into your life? Of course, every crystal has its own unique properties, and while some of them overlap with one another, rose quartz crystals have so many great qualities that can bring a little love into your life. If you’re curious about rose quartz, here are some of the benefits you might experience.


Many people find that quartz crystals in general offer a bit of a calming energy, and rose quartz is no different. Specifically, rose quartz allows you to feel warm and surrounded by love, which can definitely invoke calming feelings.


Just like many other quartz crystals, rose quartz crystals have been known to offer a healing property. Specifically, clear quartz crystals are known for offering healing properties that can offer cleansing and renewal, and even though rose quartz isn’t exactly the same, it can hold some of those properties as well.

Self Love

Plenty of people know rose quartz as the crystal of love, and that can mean a variety of things — not just romantic love! In fact, keeping a rose quartz crystal around can be a great tool to promote self love. Since the properties of promoting love are already there within the crystal, it definitely translates to more than just romantic love.

Outward Love

Even though one of the best properties of rose quartz crystals are the ability to promote self-love, they also can attract love from the outside, as well. If you are on the hunt to attract things like friendship, romantic love or even a more positive experience with your community rose quartz might be the crystal for you.

Heart Chakra Healing

If you are interested in Reiki healing, chakra healing and the balance of your chakras, you might be pleased to know that rose quartz crystals can be extremely beneficial for healing and nourishing the heart chakra. Keeping your chakras balanced is important in many practices and traditions, and the heart chakra sits so close to the middle of the system. It’s important to make sure that your heart chakra feels full and satisfied, and rose quartz can be great for that.


Like many crystals, rose quartz can often bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your life, especially if you cleanse them often and carry them with you. Because of the healing and love properties, they can often combine to create a sense of peace and calm.


Compassion is another great feeling that you can experience by using rose quartz crystals. Mostly because it helps you feel the love and affection from the world around you in a way that feels centered and uplifting.

Feminine Energy

Although everything has a balance of feminine and masculine energy, rose quartz crystals definitely bring a sense of feminine energy into your life. If you are looking to capture a bit more of your feminine energy, you can definitely include rose quartz in some of your practices to help you center some of that energy closer to you. Whether this means meditation or simply keeping them around you, you can experiment and find what works best for you.


Through all of these properties of calming and healing, you can also definitely experience a sense of nourishment from these lovely pink crystals. This is because they offer a sense of love and compassion along with their calming energies. This can culminate in a relaxed yet fulfilled state of nourishment.


Another great property of rose quartz crystals is their encouragement of creative energy and expression. Like many other crystals that promote positivity and healing, having a rose quartz around can offer a little bit of inspiration for whatever it is you love to do. Even if this just means that your yoga flow or the recipes you try out for dinner or a little bit more creative this time around, your rose quartz can sprinkle a little bit of intrigue into your life!

Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose quartz crystals can offer so many interesting benefits, including calming, healing and love and all of their varieties. Are you excited to try out a rose quartz crystal? Or do you already have one you totally adore?

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