• 03/02/2020

10 Ideas for Your Quartz Crystal Meditation


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Whether you love crystals or you are getting into rocks and minerals for the very first time right now, there are so many ways that you can use crystals beyond just decoration. Specifically, quartz has many healing properties that many people find to be extremely beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. Whether you have a history of meditation that spans back as far as you can see or you’re just trying out meditation for the very first time, there are so many benefits that you can experience through meditating with your crystals. If you want to meditate with your crystals, there are so many great ways that you can get started. Here are a few fun ideas for your quartz crystal meditation. 


One of the first steps in many great meditations is to simply sit with yourself and think about what it is that you want to get out of meditation. Think about what you might want your crystal to bring to your session, or take the time to set an intention before you get started.

Collect Your Crystals

If you haven’t already, now is the time that you might want to start collecting your crystals. Whether you already have crystals or you need to find new ones, you don’t need a lot in order to meditate with them. Even just one will do. Just make sure you know where they are.

Find a Calm Environment

Any meditation will likely require this, and your quartz crystal meditation is no different. No matter what it looks like to you, try to find a calm environment that you know you can focus and let go in. That way, the meditation and the stone can do their jobs.

Take It Outside 

Meditating outdoors can be a beautiful experience, especially when you’re heading there with a purpose. Take your crystals out with you and connect to the earth together! This can be a great way to find grounding and peace.

Find Natural Quartz 

If you live in a place that happens to have natural quartz crystals in the ground or even quartz caves, you can always try doing some meditation out there. This gives you the added benefit of meditating outside, and also the connectedness of going somewhere where you can literally feel the crystals in the earth. Places like Colorado, California, Brazil and many other locations throughout the world might surprise you with their natural crystal caves.

Cleanse Your Crystals

Even though you don’t need to cleanse your crystals in order to meditate with them, you can cleanse your crystals as a part of your meditation. Whether you cleanse them under the full moon or you prefer to have a cleansing ritual of your very own, cleansing your crystals can help bring out their abilities while giving you the benefit of meditation.

Chase the Sunlight 

While some people prefer to meditate by the light of the moon, you can also bask in the sunlight. This can be great to power your crystals and offer you a bit of warmth through your process. This can be a great technique to employ at the start of spring or summer. 

Play Some Music

No matter your meditation goals and objectives, there is likely meditation music out there that matches it. You can set the mood for your crystal meditation by looking up the meanings and properties of the specific quartz crystal that you have and finding meditation music that falls in line with that. If you want something calming, find something calming. If you want something grounding, go for that.

Wear Your Crystals

This tip doesn’t just have to go for meditation, because you can use it all the time. When you wear your crystals instead of keeping them somewhere talked away, you can consistently experience the benefits and healing properties of whatever crystal is meaningful to you at that moment. Try finding jewelry with crystals already built into it or pockets that can accommodate your favorite stones.

Set the Mood

Even if your quartz crystal is a part of your meditation, it doesn’t have to be the only tool you use. Think about setting the mood with other things like incense, candles or even a tarot card reading before you get started. This is a very personal choice, so try out different things until you find something that works for you.

Quartz Crystal Meditation 

No matter what your experience has been like with crystals so far, you can find a great way to incorporate them into your meditation practice. Whether you meditate outside to connect to the earth or set the mood with other forms of divination, there are so many ways to get you into a spiritual space so that you can experience all of the benefits that these stones have to offer.

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