• 12/23/2019

10 Best Wedding Business Ideas for 2019

best wedding business ideas

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Do you adore helping others? Why not start a side hustle helping brides and grooms celebrate their special day? You don’t have to expend a lot of overhead to launch one of the wedding business ideas listed here. Since many of these items are service-oriented, you can defray the costs of supplies by charging the happy couple. Consider giving one of these a go.

1. Making the Bridal Party Beautiful

Does everyone rave over your sultry smokey eyes and perfectly coiffed hair? Why not beautify the bride and her tribe on their big day? As a bonus, this gives you the perfect reason to add to your own cosmetics collection. Invest in the highest-quality products for the best results.

2. Arranging Flowers Perfectly

Maybe you have a green thumb and the garden to prove it. Perhaps you moonlight for a florist before holidays like Mother’s Day. Putting those skills to work as a floral arranger is one of the hottest wedding business ideas. The bride needs a bouquet to toss, and the flower girl needs petals to scatter. Plus, you can arrange centerpieces and place settings. You can even design floral archways for the couple to say “I do” under.

3. Helping Couples Find Venues

Today’s hectic lifestyles leave many couples little time to find the perfect wedding locale. If you adore weekend road trips, offer your services to help them find a venue for the vows and reception. Do you serve as a paralegal or with the courts during the workweek? If you know the law, you can even help couples review the contract to ensure they understand the terms.

4. Planning Travel Arrangements

Many couples today exchange vows in exotic locations, but making travel plans for themselves and their guests can prove tricky. If you live in a hot tourist spot, establish yourself as the go-to local expert for finding lodging and things to do. If you work in the travel industry, moonlight as an agent for engaged couples as a wedding business idea.

5. Decorating the Locale

Brides want their venue to look perfect, but many opt for the decor their site provides. That’s hardly the way to create a one-of-a-kind design. Become known for putting together signature themes — fantasy lovers may flip for a “Lord of the Rings”-inspired package, for example. Couples getting married in the great outdoors might adore a bohemian theme, and those hopping aboard a ship might like a nautical wedding.

6. Crafting Cool Wedding Favors

If you love nothing more than spending half the day at Michael’s and the rest in your craft room, why not use those skills to make wedding party favors? You can sew personalized tea towels with handles that button so guests can hang them on their oven door at home — without their kitties constantly pulling them down. Create photo frames guests can use to display their pictures with the happy couple.

7. Providing Big Day Transportation

Many brides and grooms rent a limo with Limo Find for their transportation, but what about their guests? Those arriving from out-of-town may not want to navigate unfamiliar streets, especially after dark. Others have one too many adult beverages and prefer to avoid a DUI. You can provide guest transportation without joining a rideshare service and paying their commission. If you have a CDL license and can drive a bus, you can run a shuttle for guests periodically throughout the festivities. You can also use your vehicle as a taxi so guests feel free to tip back a few.

8. Offering Canine Care

More couples than ever include their dog in their nuptials. However, if they want to mingle with guests, they need someone to pet-sit. Plus, depending upon their venue, they may not want to sneak away to let Fido do his business. If you do a great job, you can earn extra money watching their pooch while they honeymoon, too.

9. Catering and Baking the Cake

Do you live in the kitchen — voluntarily? Consider catering weddings or baking the cake if you have the decorating skills of Martha Stewart. Make sure to honor dietary restrictions carefully. While some people abstain from certain foods for religious or conscientious reasons, others, like those with celiac disease, can become seriously ill from eating the wrong thing.

10. Cleaning up After the Festivities

When budget-conscious brides host their reception in their backyard or a local park, they lack servers and bussers. This means they must clean the mess up themselves. Take this burden off the happy couples’ shoulders by starting a post-wedding cleanup crew. Even those who can’t afford to rent a suite in a pricey hotel will pay to start their lives together doing something other than dirty dishes.

Earn Extra Cash With the Best Wedding Business Ideas

With a bit of ingenuity, you can earn some serious side cash with these wedding business ideas. Now that you have a plan, select a brand name and start marketing.

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