Here at Revivalist, it’s our job to source the most beautiful, timeless yet unique versions of style. And we take our jobs very seriously. You can read with ease and comfort, knowing that we’d never recommend styles that we ourselves didn’t envision to have.

We make our version of style in a way to present ideas to help streamline your mornings, clothing to help prep for a busy workweek, gear that’ll get you through life, fashion trends that have actual real-life potential—if it’s life-enhancing, day-bettering, or flat-out good-looking, our goal is to get it on your radar.

What are the things you need to think about while planning a redesign for your kitchen? When you are like other homeowners, the first thing…

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• 06/28/18

The One Thing I Always Wear on Summer Flights

It’s no secret that airports and airplanes are full of germs. Especially during those summer months when temperatures outside go up, travel increases, and air…

• 05/17/18

On the Go: Staple Pieces to Travel With

When you’re on the go, selecting staple pieces to travel with allow you to prepare for a variety of situations. You’re more likely to over…

• 05/10/18

Rough it in Style with a Glamping Sleeping Bag

Camping is a classic family trip and treasured past-time among friends to get away from it all. That first time you tried to rough it…

• 03/15/18

My Updated High Vibe Travel Items

Traveling is such a passion of mine, so I like to really invest myself into every aspect of it. The planning I do before each…

• 02/15/18

Mindful Habits that Help Me Practice Minimalism at Home

Many minimalist homemakers focus on de-cluttering the home, but few tell you how the heck you’re supposed to keep it clear and free. Being mindful…

• 02/13/18

Travel Destinations That Will Inspire Your Home Decor

Travel is inspiring — this you know to be a fact. On your treks around the world, you’ve met new people, tried foreign foods and partaken…

• 02/08/18

The 5 Things That Are Inspiring Me Right Now

Everyone has goals and a sense of motivation — it’s merely a matter of finding the drive to fulfill them. While it’s nice to take…

• 02/06/18

8 Remote Places to Get Away From It All

Thinking to yourself “I just need to get away from it all?” You’re not alone. Everyone knows that life can get overwhelming sometimes. Whether it’s…

• 02/02/18

Travel Wish List: Meeting Locals and Experiencing Culture

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with traveling. From a young age I have camped out on mountains, hiked on some of…

• 01/30/18

2018 Travel Trends I Am Loving: From Star Gazing Platforms to Dining on Private Sandbanks

You’d think an avid traveler would roll their eyes at most travel trends, but I love them. Some dine in the air with only a…

• 01/25/18

What to Pack For Spring Break No Matter Where You Are Going

Spring Break is for everyone. Teachers, students and professionals who want to keep the dream alive head out of town for a mid-season vacation. While…

• 01/23/18

Rituals to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

I always find myself beckoned towards the new experiences of travel — which means hotels have become my make-shift second home. But while I spend…

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