• 01/14/2016

How to Stop Spending All Week Waiting for the Weekend

Fridays are a very popular favorite day of the week. We all know the feeling. Walking around thinking TGIF, right?! A whole weekend to look forward to before Monday brings the new work week. We all have spent our time waiting for the weekend. Well, it’s time to stop thinking that way.It’s not just weekends either. I have a countdown widget on the first page of my smartphone. It gives me the number of days until all of the big events coming up in my life. This gives me excitement, but also leaves me in a constant state of waiting. The present moment becomes an inconvenience, meaning that I unconsciously view these precious, fading moments of my life as an inconvenience.Instead of focusing on today, I’m thinking “only 14 more days until ___!” Then I’m left wasting the next 14 days waiting for that event rather than enjoying the days leading up to it. I’m definitely no waste of space, and I no longer aim to waste my time — neither should you.It’s time for all of us to break this habit of waiting for the weekend! Here’s how.

Cherish the whole week

The weekend is only two days of a seven day week. That leaves five days that we spend waiting for the other two. That’s like not enjoying a box of Oreos until the last couple cookies. It just doesn’t make sense.Imagine the possibilities if we got as excited for Monday-Friday as we do for the weekend. That’s five whole days of being, thousands of discounted moments to find meaning within. We commonly break our day into chunks of what’s bearable, such as work, sleep and meals. It’s time to refocus this kind of negative thinking in a more creative and fulfilling perspective. Of course, this is easier said than done. But it can be done and it will make you a happier person.Try being truly present for every moment of each day (yes, including Mondays). Use mindfulness to your advantage by bringing gratitude to the details or at least one unique thing that gets you excited each day. Learning how to treasure small moments throughout the work week can give us things to look forward to every day. Each week, I look forward to watching certain shows on weeknights and my weekly lunch date with my girlfriends. This helps me cherish each day, moving away from waiting for the weekend.

Celebrate the small things

During the week, we are bogged down by to-do lists, projects and goals. It’s really easy to keep waiting for the weekend, looking ahead to the next due date or the next item on the agenda. However, by not giving ourselves time to celebrate small achievements we are not enjoying the work week as much as we could.Take time to appreciate the hard work you put into each task, and count that as a win. In each moment, there are bright points to celebrate, even when you feel down or doubt your ability to move forward. Giving yourself this mindful gift allows you to slow down and breath, and push yourself through the hard parts of the day as well. You won’t waste your time by letting yourself think so negatively. When you think this way, you get caught up in a hamster wheel of negative self talk instead of self appreciation and love.We are always on-the-go, which makes the weekend sound extremely enticing. Slowing down and getting excited about each to-do item we cross off will motivate us to enjoy each task and give us a reason to smile during those long days at the office.When you focus too hard on waiting for the weekend, you’re actually missing out. You’re missing out on moments with your loved ones and doing your very best each day. That doesn’t mean that you work so hard to push through each day that you burn out. It means you mindfully bring your best self, fully present, to each day — without dreading those five days a week until the weekend.

Create short term goals

Most of us have goals that will take a few months to complete. At times, those goals loom before you with their distant deadlines that don’t actually feel achievable. We begin to experience self-doubt, forgetting to live in the moment and celebrate what we have achieved. These goals are important, but can leave us constantly looking forward instead of living in the moment.Take a look at your most important long term goal. Now figure out where you should be next month for that goal to happen. Then where you should be next week. Finally, decide where you should be today and tomorrow to make that goal happen. Working towards your goals day by day will increase the chances of achieving them and prevent you from constantly waiting for your goals to complete themselves next week, next month, or next year.

Count your blessings

Focus on what you already have. Your family, friends, job, home, pets, etc. Spend time with the people you love. Find a hobby you enjoy and make time for it each day. Create a morning routine that will make you feel refreshed and energized.Every moment of each day has a gift for you, yet to be seen but also one that may have been missed while you were so busy waiting for the weekend. Don’t spend your time waiting on the world to catch up to you. Open your eyes and look around in the present.Counting your blessings and being thankful for what you already have could stop you from waiting for something better to come along. Each day you are alive is a gift. So open it and don’t be constantly waiting for the next one.We wait for everything, not just the weekend. We wait for birthdays, weddings, the day we move out, the day we finally get the dream job. Too often, we think that life will start when that something special happens. Here’s a secret: life already started. And by sitting around waiting for it, you’re letting it pass you by.“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. Notice that I didn’t say “your first day of college will be the first day of the rest of your life”. Today. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.Do you want to spend yours waiting for something to happen? I know I don’t. So start today – stop waiting for the weekend! Live in the moment, cherish the small things, and enjoy each day as if it were the weekend.kacey

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