• 02/23/2016

Best Fashion Tricks from All Around the Globe

These days, fashion trends come and go so quickly, even the biggest fashionistas aren’t always able to keep up. Although trends are always fun to take on and play with your personal style, there are certain fashion tricks that have been around for long and they still serve well in their purpose.Inspired by old movie stars and some of the most famous fashion muses – like Jane Birkin and Jacqueline Kennedy to name only two − and inspired by the biggest fashionistas of the moment scattered all over the world from fashion bloggers to the biggest magazine editors, here is a list of the best fashion tricks from all around the globe so that you too can be in the know of the style secrets to looking stunning every single day.SOLID COLORS THROUGHOUT CREATE FASHION MOMENTSphoto-1453088321906-f9d31982094cWhen you want to conquer street style without breaking the bank, then wear the same color throughout for a bold fashion statement. You can don winter white throughout or a nude number, grey on grey or cream colored tones by playing with basics.INVEST IN A KAFTANkimonoThese days the kaftan is being worn for more than just a day at the beach. From formal events to day looks, the kaftan is the most flattering fashion piece for any body shape that can be worn for any occasion.THE SILK SCARFsilk scarfWhen you want to take the chic factor up a notch in your outfit, then adding a silk scarf is the way to go. Effortless, utterly feminine and timeless, the scarf is one accessory to always carry in your bag.CHOOSE WHAT TO SHOW OFFkVEPcWcfSA2tgOpRz9Za__DSC0765Always think what you will show off with your next look −¬ whether it is one shoulder or your clavicle bone, your legs or your back, choose according to the occasion and don’t be weary of covering up!ACCESSORIZE WITH COLORSphoto-1433873341513-633283fa55daWhen you are not a bright and bold kind of girl, opt to accessorize with bright colors instead and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.LAYER UPON LAYERphoto-1455705693078-fcdd9f9ad451Layers are always a good idea – whether you pile stacks of rings on your fingers or necklaces, knits over dresses or scarves over coats – layers show you have personal style.STATEMENT PIECESphoto-1445075788823-f907c29aae58From statement coats that you can wear to cover up a boring day look to bold denim, having a few statement pieces in your closet is perfect for those days when you need to look stunning without having to make too much effort.GO VINTAGEphoto-1455637766568-d1387e1c2090You may not want a wardrobe full of vintage pieces but investing in a few vintage items from clothing to jewelry will bring character to your personal style.STATEMENT JEWELRYnecklace-518275_960_720Always have a few pieces of jewelry that you can take out when you want to impress. Whether you go for bold earrings or a statement necklace, jewelry will take your outfit from bland to beautiful.These fashion tricks from all around the globe should not be difficult to keep up with. Check out your closet, you may never know what you already have. You can also decide to invest in newer trendier pieces that won’t break your bank account. Whichever you choose, be sure to keep these pieces in mind so that you stay in the fashion loop wherever you are.This post was written by Regina Due: A fashion aficionado who empowers men and women through her fashion tips. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook  — Thanks Regina!kacey

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