• 10/19/2018

10 Travel Trends to Plan for in 2019

Ten years ago, the travel apps you rely on didn’t exist. Before that, finding a vacation deal meant going through a tour company or travel agent.The deals you find at the tap of a button lock you into a period of stress relief and savings to travel more. The idea of vacationing no longer means “annual obligatory family getaway.” Today, traveling is about mindfulness, finding oneself, resetting and experiencing life.What’s ahead for travel trends? Look at this forecast of 10 travel trends to find out what flies in 2019.

1. Insta-Hit Trips

Do you get your inspiration for traveling from Instagram? You’re not alone. Many people do these days, and maybe that stems from buying one too many scenic calendars and motivational posters. Instagram travel photos evoke a feeling you want to experience while traveling, so you should follow that feeling.However, what do itineraries focused on trendy, “Instagrammable” locales do for the vacationer? Increase their following? Many travelers will use Insta-hit spots to find new angles for their selfie sticks and gain getaway inspiration. Share your travel nooks! Booking apps know about this trend, and you’ll sometimes see a “book this trip” ad on a fantastic photo from a real Instagrammer with their story.

2. Women-Centered Trips

Solo women travelers: when you get tired of going it alone, hop on the trend of women-centered trips. These female-empowerment adventures include hiking, meetups and retreats. Many womenpreneurs spearhead spiritual retreats for mindfulness, which also give this trend a leg up.

3. Influencer-Led Retreats

Influencers post everywhere about exciting new products and brands they just tried, and of course, they want you to try them, too. Travel trends move toward influencers taking their followers on retreats to give products and brands a whirl for themselves. How do you know you can trust something unless you experience it?The experiential travel trend expands into influencer-led retreats. Advertising turns extra real with that move.

4. Artist-Led Retreats

Of course, you want to sponsor artists and their talent, but you wish you knew more about the place the art originated. As the saying goes, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” but you only see the photo of the artwork on social media or the artist’s website.Artists get it. Look for artist-led retreats where new artists, enthusiasts and collectors peruse the sights painted by masters and modern artists. You may receive a workshop or explore galleries and outdoor inspiration of the artists themselves in a customized experience.

5. TV-Show Fan-Centric Retreats

“Game of Thrones” fans flock annually to Dubrovnik, Croatia, site of King’s Landing, to experience the past set location and beautiful scenery for themselves. Dubrovnik is an old citadel known as the Jewel of the Adriatic, but many locals now dread the rush of tourism.Surge numbers of tourists threaten the Old City’s World Heritage Title through UNESCO. A GoT fan’s typical tourist circuit of Dubrovnik means arriving at a town of 2,500 people on one of eight cruise ships, but tourists also get exposed to the importance of these heritage sites.The influx of tourists needs regulating to preserve the natural wonder of these sites. How can booking companies and governments work together on this? Expect TV-related fan-centric retreats to increase in 2019.

6. Digital Disconnect Trips

Can’t fathom a hotel without Wi-Fi? Now consumers increasingly demand digital detox in luxury travel. Rather than going to a meditation center to surrender your device, go somewhere that supports digital detoxes and encourages you to reconnect by disconnecting. Digital Detox Day may soon become Digital Detox Week.

7. Craft-Centered Trips

Most jobs require the use of technology or mundane repeated motions that leave little time for creating with your hands. People want to use their time mindfully and make something, and craft-centered trips accommodate that time and experience by teaching travelers’ new local lessons. Learn how to weave a basket or hammer a sword!

8. Get out of Dodge for the Holidays

Ready to peace out on family drama during the holidays? You’re not alone in that feeling, and many choose to head to a cabin in the woods or go to a whole different continent to get that space from the craziness of society and closer to the real meaning of the holidays — peace and togetherness.

9. Regional Catch-Your-Own Cuisine

Many travelers believe food’s the real way to experience the nuances of a culture. Foodie road trips remain on the rise and take visitors all the way from North Carolina BBQ to overseas site touring where you can cook your catch, as in catching a fish and learning how to prepare it like a local.

10. Basic Hotels Don’t Equal Basic Experiences

Luxury travel these days doesn’t mean splurging for a five-star hotel, but rather getting back to basics. Most travelers desire a quiet room and a comfortable bed, and they can find that affordably with a little bit of research. Travelers then gain more money to spend on experiences.Watch these 10 travel trends continue to take off in 2019 and consider digitally disconnecting to explore yourself and the world more closely in these unique ways.

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